Clean up your stale assets with simplified purging.

Keep your VM estate compact and current by scheduling periodic purges of your stale asset data. Visvmio provides several filters and slicers that let you to create a purge function specific to your environment. 

DIY Dynamic purge API calls.

Once you’ve created the list of hosts you want to purge, you can use Visvmio’s push-button scheduling.

For DIY, the Purge Utility has a dynamic API call creator: just cut-and-paste your custom API call into a shell, add your username and password, and execute with cURL.

Automatically archive your purged data.

Gone, but not forgotten. Once you have purged your vulnerability management system of stale hosts, Visvmio retains that data as an archive. Purged hosts are flagged as “Inactive,” but are still available (along with their vulnerability data) on the Visvmio platform for historical or compliance needs. 

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