Vulnerability Management Made Easy.

At Visvmio, we want to translate vulnerability risk from a bucket of numbers and names into easy-to-read charts and visuals. We want vulnerability managers to show their IT peers which assets need to be patched, and how important each remediation is. We want CISO’s and CIO’s to open a dashboard and see immediately what assets are the most vulnerable and what vulnerabilities have already been fixed. Our mission is to simplify vulnerability management by applying modern business intelligence and analytics to vulnerability data.

What it does.

Visvmio is a cloud-platform that intakes vulnerability scan and asset data and displays it in dashboards and reports.

It is crafted specifically for vulnerability managers to simplify the analysis of scan and asset data. The data can be filtered, sorted, and sliced based on risk scores, dates, confirmed/potential vulnerabilities, IP address, hostname, and other criteria.

How it helps fix scanning.

Your analysis and reporting are only as accurate as your scanning. 

Find the gaps where your scanner is incompletely scanning hosts, or missing them completely. Visvmio’s Authentication View shows scanning gaps and assets scanned with and without authentication.

In one large enterprise environment, Visvmio found 15% of hosts reported zero vulnerabilities. The vulnerability scanners were failing authentication for all of these hosts.

Visvmio has a custom-crafted dashboard for scanner authentication failures. Find your failures fast.

Getting to zero.

With Visvmio, find and prioritize vulnerability remediations in seconds, not hours. 

Isolate the worst offenders with a couple of clicks, and export the vulnerability and asset info to send to your colleagues.

Get rid of ghost hosts.

Included in the app is a purge utility. Use the filters and slicers to schedule the removal of stale assets, or use the cURL API creator in your own shell. 

Want to see more?

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