All your scan authentication errors on one screen.

The Visvmio app parses the vulnerability data files to locate and visualize authentication errors returned by the scanners.

You can use existing tags, OS types, and other filters to reduce the list of hosts with authentication errors to the ones you want.

Find partial authentication failures and permissions issues.

Visvmio doesn’t limit you a simple “failed/not failed” search. Use the pre-configured QID filter to select the types of failures and permissions issues you want to investigate. 

The table of affected hosts updates in real-time as you click the filters and selectors. It’s ready when you are.

In Visvmio, the authentication failure finds you.

Once you have selected the type of authentication failures you want to see, the Visvmio app immediately shows you the authentication record, user name, and cause. No more searching through spreadsheets or PDF’s to find out which account is locked out or has a bad password. 

The host list is exportable as CSV and XLSX files.

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